Just unfollowed most of the bots I was following and dang, what a difference! It's all just people!

Cool, I have a scifi.fyi account now! I went looking for a good general alt instance that uses Glitch-flavored Mastodon, and this place is perfect.

Hello everyone! My main account is @Alamantus, but I really like the Glitch interface, so I may start using this one a little more!

Ok, probably not, but if I start using the web interface more than an iOS app, then yeah, for sure. πŸ‘β€‹

Whoa dang, this place has a bajillion custom emojos, too. Nice.

πŸš€ Scifi!

Scifi.Fyi is a general-purpose mastodon instance that seeks to foster a welcoming and inclusive community!

We run glitch-soc, a version of mastodon with experimental new features!

We also host our own version of Pinafore, an entirely new frontend for Mastodon, at starship.scifi.fyi. Try it out!