From the most commonly used words in Fantasy titles. Tag yourself, I'm Black King Lord Book.


Demon Red Blue has a nice ring to it. I'll take that.

@Altruest Only have one of them (Blood) in five books.

After SPFBO was first announced, they had a wordle of all the titles in that collection. It was... worse since Blood was one of the top one words and Sand was near the middle.

@Altruest "Wolfgate" sounds like an obscure corner of Greater London, its name a corruption of a legend that St. Ulfilas visited there in the year 350, which Neil Gaiman would then turn around and make an outcropping of London Below that is home to real wolves, so the proprietors of the Wolfgate King's Hunt pub have to put up with insufferably twee goth fangirls looking to selfie up the street sign all the damn time

(the legend is true, and the wolves *do* come by from time to time, but some of us have to work you know, and at least the wolves don't spend hours nursing a coffee and taking up a table --- strange thing is, though, it's really the wolves who go for the avocado toast)

@Altruest I'm World Fire Dream Wolf

Also known as

@Altruest @Altruest all of the above

Also, my previous toot might have gotten lost/sent to the wrong Altruest account- if you want a more direct line to chat about music or something, I'm on Discord

@cryptovexillologist aw beans, did I not respond to that? I did in my head I swear lol thanks for the info! If I'm ever looking to talk I'll hit you up!

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