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"Satire is meant to ridicule power. If you are laughing at people who are hurting, it is not satire, it is bullying." - Terry Pratchett

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To all the new people joining mastodon today and giving us their


Now that the timeline issue is fixed for the instance I'm on, I'm reminded of my number one wish: That the timeline pauses if you mouse over it, because bugger me this federated TL moves.

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@nolan @slightlyoff @puresick Going back to the thing about budget Android... how much mobile development nowadays is done on an iPhone+Galaxy S$currentver, and then nobody bothers to test it out on the latest Alibaba special with 2014's worst hardware that's being sold as a $50 prepaid phone?

Really, I'm personally of the opinion that developers should be confined to potato-class hardware, so low-end stuff like this runs well, and high-end stuff gets much more battery life.

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it died at a quarter to four on 12% battery.

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So, in honour of my birdsite suspension, fuck TERFs with a retractable baton, and set Nazis on fire. That is all. Get to spend the day enjoying myself with you fine folks rather than constantly being beaten by people and their bullshit anyway.


12%! Sip that battery, little Apple! Sip it!

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how long before everybody’s assigned NSA agent finds their mastodon? the government is about to discover our terrible secret: we’re all depressed.

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@BrokenBiscuit The chest turns out to be made of balsa wood, you easily break off the lid and see:
πŸ”Ή Rare Clothing:
Average Quality, super-black corduroy sleeping bag

3 quarters of an hour and I'm on 13% battery. Start the Baccano! Jazz music!

*eject eject eject* 13%! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! FOX!

Curse apple and its non replaceable batteries fetish

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CNN anchor mocks Giuliani: "The sky is not blue, water isn't wet, and truth is not truth"

Someone came to the shop smelling of weed and looking after a small child. Wow.

I wish I had the shrapnel to get a new phone. The battery on this is buggered

I keep meaning to get shit done and be creative and productive and by the time I can do it all the fucks have left me and I'm back filling my spare time with game grumps and twitch.

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