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Hillary Clinton waiting patiently back stage for the "I'M NOT A SLAVE / TO A GOD/ THAT DOESN'T EXIST" part before she comes out in a blueberry pant suit, waving.

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For a gift, I ordered a couple comics from an artist in Florida.
As a bonus, they threw in a sticker - exactly the same sticker my partner brought back for me from San Francisco last summer!

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uber but it's a cooperative driver federation coordinated by libre software and open protocols

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Looks like we're finally getting our annual fall windstorm tomorrow! I've been waiting! This was almost technically a winter windstorm.

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Over a month later, after at least three warehouse delays, we finally have a dishwasher! Yeah dishwasher!

Also if you are bothered by my messages (discord not even text) at 4am that's your fault for not silencing your phone. It's almost 2019, goddamnit.
Omg I hope that jackass is tired all day.

Yep just got in a fight with the leader and kicked out of the guild. Asshole, I hope I ruined his day. He can take his 'you misunderstood my r*pe joke' bullshit and fuck right off.

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One of those days where it never really gets light out. Just dark gray to slightly lighter gray for a few hours. Punctuated by periods of cold driving rain.
Why do I live here, again?

I would like to find a different guild but the player base in this game is so small πŸ˜•

There are German people discussing mopeds on my dog's insta. 😎

@hellojed omg you're going to ride -that far- in this cold!?! Wow! Stay warm(ish)!!

Nothing like spilling polyurethane all over the basement when you're getting ready to leave.

It wiped up okay but I think that part of the floor will now have a satin finish.

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