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Took the dog skating outside on the waterfront today and everyone had a good time! Gotta take advantage of this nice weird dry weather.
First time in my boardwalk skates, they are alright. Need more breaking in, my feet are so wide, it was a little ouch.

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thats probably my best post you chuckle fucks better appreciate it

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You must not believe everything you think...

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@xeno @toilet @anna the correct answer is to routinely poop in front of the door of pay toilets

few know this

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Im losing my goddamn mind i just saw this in front of my car

Wait I think someone is trying to be my friend? And I'm like ::side-eye:: (why me?) but I should probably chill and lean into it(?)

Our neighbors seem to be having a 26 foot Budget rental truck reclaimed while it's still full of stuff. It's been parked on our street for at least a week, I'm guessing Budget would like it back. This seems like a lot more work than towing a car.

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Today's gender is tiredness and the sound of a dial tone.

Also we went to the park and it was pretty. Lots of people sledding and even snowboarding. Here are the redwood trees in the Japanese garden.

Watching my husband assemble Ikea furniture. I'm very helpful.

Shoveled our walk and the neighbor's and now I have zero energy left. Bah. At least we have a snow shovel though, even if it's a puny one.

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Also, tattoo acquired. Hopefully I can get better pics tomorrow, less angry but still fresh-fresh.

We have like 6 inches of snow! Went for a walk, it's like a ghost town except for the occasional truck fishtailing around corners. Lovely. And still falling.

I mean, we've got 4wd and pretty good tires and a lot of snow driving experience, but we're up against incompetent local drivers and a total lack of DOT snow handling infrastructure.

Tomorrow evening could be an eventful time to drive back north from Portland. Oh well?

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Yay my new betta's stress stripe is gone! She's happy in her new home. And really really tough to get a decent picture of.

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