Want to develop your own indie game, but you can’t draw? Fantasy Dev bundle just got released! Grab some of those potion pics, or just some finely drawn armour, maybe you just want a set of TCG for a card game. Its all here, humblebundle.com/software/fant

Live with
got my coffee, check
got my lab coat, check
Let's go......
....hatch out of an egg???


Finding my way into the castle on the meteor, wait that doesn't sound right? Something something
Grab your lab coat and let's solve this mystery! Right after my coffee in 30mins.

Live with a game, what is this?? It also says its a like, I know what those two are! Let's give this a go

Trying out today on the stream. Its on the Epic Store, but its free and its a good. So why not?
First tho some breakfast, see you in an hour!

Stream is live with some more Co-op with @maloki

How else would I spend today?


Stream is live! and I just found out Below Zero had a "micro update" lets see how small it is ;D


I'm back, to streaming. LIVE rn :D
I have returned from the rainy-island and bring coffee and tales from a far.
Today we are streaming Below Zero. Its in so let's see what it is about!


Some on stream o/
Going to visit my parents/ /traditions.
Come hang with coffee.


Another week, Time to stream again. Gonna start off by talking about my upcoming trip to see my parents and
Then some rando games afterwards.

Livee in 30mins. Soon TM.


cw. eye contact.

Going Live with more
Maybe i'll survive longer then a day this time LUL


eye contact

Time for more

Let's see how long I can survive on Interloper difficulty

Someone bring me some HOT coffee :D


Do you like ? Want to improve your pictures? rn has "Digital Cameras & Photography" book bundle by


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Live! with more
I think its finally time to go bear hunting! What could go wrong?


Missed you out on a game from the steam sale this winter? Store got you covered!
The Winter SALE is still on, until 24th Jan. Big titles like and a lot more, check it out!


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Episode 2 of The Long Dark is on the Menu today, and after our break in 2hrs, I'll be doing my review of the game!

πŸ”΄ We are Live!


Live with the
I heard there are bears in this game, lets go find one!
What could go wrong?


You can now buy games on the store! (US only atm). Time to buy all those Switch games, you can also get 3DS games if you own one of those too. πŸ˜‚β€‹


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