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got my coffee, check
got my lab coat, check
Let's go......
....hatch out of an egg???

Finding my way into the castle on the meteor, wait that doesn't sound right? Something something
Grab your lab coat and let's solve this mystery! Right after my coffee in 30mins.

I'm awake but my brain needs coffee. The shower didn't wake me up enough.

random website: Please login and enter password.
me: I don't remember..
me: okay this isn't worth the effort byeeee.......

I fixed this by adding the .exe to steam as a non-game program. xD

setting reminders for things because I'm old and forget things? or I'm just human and forget things? Could be either, needs further testing to confirm.

Seems like my controller doesnt work rn. Looks like Im playing this game with keyboard only. That really takes me back :D

Live with a game, what is this?? It also says its a like, I know what those two are! Let's give this a go

Trying out today on the stream. Its on the Epic Store, but its free and its a good. So why not?
First tho some breakfast, see you in an hour!

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No Loa this morning, but rather mal!

Hello darkness, my old friend...


#twitch #gameing #TheLongDark

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Hey all, @Loa is asking for websites (on our behalf), for looking for places to rent in the UK

Any recommendations are welcome!

Yes, we're looking at moving soonβ„’. No, we haven't talked about it publicly yet.

Boosts are welcome

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Goood morning folks. I'm playing some Grand Chase today. It's a maintenance kind of day, so come and hang out and chat!

Stream is live with some more Co-op with @maloki

How else would I spend today?

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Stream live in 20minutes!

Co-op day with Loa, no cam.

Chill mode? Yeah.

#twitch #gameing #Anno1404

Discussing on stream today, the different places to buy games these days, and I'm genuinely interested in talking with someone who buys their games on . Any of you out there?

Either respond here, or drop by stream while we're live:

Stream is live! and I just found out Below Zero had a "micro update" lets see how small it is ;D

More Below Zero, time to find out what secrets this early access game is hiding! Live soon! 45mins~

Still live, exploring all the new fishes in Below Zero over on

I'm back, to streaming. LIVE rn :D
I have returned from the rainy-island and bring coffee and tales from a far.
Today we are streaming Below Zero. Its in so let's see what it is about!

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