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un-Irish Soda Bread Typo-O/Hunter

1 cup teff flour
1 cup cassava flour
1 cup tigernut flour
1 cup amaranth flour
4 tablespoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup date sugar
1/3 cup agave syrup
1/3 cup water
2 tablespoons melted butter or ghee
1 cup zante currants soaked in water
3 eggs
2 cup almond milk +1 teaspoon lemon

Mix dry ingredients through salt together. Beat wet ingredients + date sugar together. Should be a wet dough.

Bake in oiled pan @ 350 for 30 min. then 325 for 10 min.

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Breaking: The text of #Article13 and the #EU #Copyright Directive has just been finalised

Please reshare widely and **take action**. This has the potential to endanger the #internet as we know it, making it more and more composed of only large platforms.

This has the possibility of killing #alternative #socialmedia projects and small #startups trying to compete with the big #corporations.

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WE WANT TO PAY YOU FOR MICRO SCI-FI! This is an open call for diverse sci-fi writers that never expires.
- Indigenous
- Neurodiverse
- Disabled
- Chronically ill
- All marginalised voices We're open from Day 10-24 every month.

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Do you live in New York City and want to help financial disadvantaged people get housing? Read on! Show more

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I set up a crowdin project for #Tusky, so now translating it should be easier than ever
Please let me know if there are any problems with it.
cc @metalbiker

A box that was actually meant for a neighboring building has been in our hallway for a week or two. I only just read the label and brought it over to them. I live in the basement and never use the hallway that it's in, but seriously no one else in the building could have done this?

Attempted this body butter recipe tonight:

Although rather than calendula and rose hips I made an infusion of pine needles.

The result is different from my first attempt, but since it hasn't cooled yet, I'm not sure if it has achieved a desirable texture.

I hadn't posted a chapter in months.
Man, that felt good.
Maybe I can actually get back into writing a few times a week.

Decided that cinnamon, black pepper, and sage have the herbal qualities I'm after at the moment.

Unclear on whether this will make a drinkable decoction though.

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So back in 2016 I finished writing a book about where I saw this whole thing going. It went on sale last year.

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This is now SOLVED, thanks for the boosts!

Wonderful @c8rz solved the sigil mystery -- it's by now-defunct Tumblr account 'everydaysigils', and the creator Eden Black (@galaxiablack on Insta/Birdsite) has collected their sigils into a zine.

@Gargron Heya. Do you have a blog post about not having boosts-with-comments? I think it's good and would like to point people to an explanation for why it's good.

I've come to appreciate masto's boost-only system so much that I now spend a lot of time defending a similar system on pillowfort.

People are really tied to the idea that they are owed retweet/blog with quotes AND that it's Good.

Amazon is going to make a series out of Cat Valente's The Refrigerator Monologues.

Obsidian and I have never seen eye to eye on the value of romances in video games.

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yall, @noelle is a main moderator on she does an incredible amount of work, and they just got 20k new users in the last 24 hours b/c of the tumblr exodus. consider tossing a few $ at her if you can:

Saw yesterday. The audience gasped in shock and surprise MANY times. And there were mmhmms, and cheers throughout.

A vocal audience is the best.

This movie is such a jaw-dropper.

Poor Pillowfort. It's back up and being bombarded into the ground by people trying to access it and sign up and post.

A good problem to have, I guess? But they need a bigger server and a CDN.

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*waves at all the new users*
This was my first account, but I moved to a smaller instance where I am more cozy and the federated timeline doesn't move as quickly.

If you're comfy on .social that's great! But if it's not quite the right fit, take a wander. That's the beauty of the fediverse. Migrating instances is pretty simple or do what I did and just set up an alt somewhere.

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