Wut is happening with this logo?

The Library of Congress has rebranded.

Now it's the Library Library of Congress, I guess?


My Affirmations! card from yesterday.

1. Everything is fine, stop worrying.
2. Do your laundry.

Everything about this card is accurate.

Got my new rug, the first I've ever bought.

4 hours later the pets tore strings out of it.


I completely failed at making injera. I'm not sure which stage things went wrong at, but I couldn't get the pancakes to ultimately cook into something solid. Even when they were done bubbling, they were just soggy masses burning onto the pan.


Philz Coffee is insane. This place is twice the size of my apartment.

Ridiculous Question of the Day

Stranger: *points at Dearbhail and Callum* Are those the same kind of dog?


πŸŽβ€‹πŸŒ¨β€‹ β˜ƒβ€‹πŸŽ„β€‹

Can you give $1 to help fund an Ark for Heifer International?



πŸŽβ€‹πŸŽ πŸŽβ€‹β€‹πŸŽβ€‹

Donate $1 toward a goat for Heifer International!




We've donated bees! πŸβ€‹ Can you help us get to πŸβ€‹ level?

$1 toward an Ark will help people around the world!



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