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Cj Reynolds @Rem@scifi.fyi

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Time to make me a pinned toot!
Im Rem and Im an Animator/Illustrator \ouo/
My favorite things are Aliens, Monsters, robots and cute stuff!

Tumble arts๐Ÿ‘‰ rems-artblog.tumblr.com/

Androidescence๐Ÿค– ๐Ÿ‘‰ androidescence.tumblr.com/

Buy me a coffee โ˜•๏ธ ko-fi.com/A2523TUQ

scifi.fyi/media/i9E8DLPBd50dAm scifi.fyi/media/RLL6lns-HZETBP scifi.fyi/media/pIGnyxkEYftTt1 scifi.fyi/media/czjaZc4VxXWbhX

where is our boy coryx,Kenshin?

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Some watery scenery paints from today ouo/

Androidescence updated yesterday and i forgot to tell ya'll so go check it out!

androidescence-comic.tumblr.co :point_left_hmn_y1:โ€‹ :blobuwu:โ€‹

a candi gif that im not going to finish probably

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that one coworkerโ„ข who I swear is just out to get me

the overall soundtrack too while im at it

not spoilers but the character themes from black panther are fire

Happy hearts n chocolate day!

Hey guys no comic page today but heres this ouo/ art improvementtt~
also look at lios ugly mohawk