a candi gif that im not going to finish probably

Hey guys no comic page today but heres this ouo/ art improvementtt~
also look at lios ugly mohawk

kinda long ass essay on nanobuilds Show more

on a Deon kick atm,
been updating the comic btw so catch up if you haven't checked in since the last time I posted here ouo/
androidescence.deviantart.com/ :point_left_hmn_g1:

I mean, I know WHY theres no fanart of Theo but...

Update of today!
works been really busy so just the cover =u=/

An Ansol for your Ansol needs
an abandoned traffic bot

from my twitter today. having reasons and rationale is good but a little off the wall imagination is also good!
also, I miss my old characters

An early morn update of today!
:point_right_hmn_g1:​ androidescence-comic.tumblr.co :point_left_hmn_g1:​

:point_right_hmn_g1:​ androidescence.deviantart.com/ :point_left_hmn_g1:​

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