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Congratulations to all the Escape Artistsโ€™ #Podcasts for their #Parsec #Award nominations and wins!

(Iโ€™d toot at the rest of the EA crew, but youโ€™re the only ones I know on Mastodon)


#Podcast #SF #SFF #Fantasy #ScienceFiction

You know that envious feeling you get when someone says "I've never heard of ____" and you realize you're about to introduce them to something they're going to love for the rest of their life?

Yeah...my sons friend just said, "Joe Satriani? Who's that?"


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The nights of <6 hours sleep = imminent collapse

The great Levar Burton starts reading again on 16 Jan - with a story from award-winning alumnus of Escape Artists Podcasts John Chu.


If you can't wait for Levar Burton Reads, check out John's stories & narrations now!

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Okay, so it's 2018...time to rally.

(But first, some sleep.)

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@jrblackwellโ€‹ - I just cobbled together a bio about you on the Escape Artists wikia (escape-artists.wikia.com/wiki/)

I recognize some of your friends from there, too - I hope I did you all justice!

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Hello World!

I debated long and hard about whether to make a fart joke about this, but I have decided not to do so.

I *might* be growing up. (I hope not.)

Anyway, this is my first Toot. Enjoy this picture of my dog. scifi.fyi/media/cpXH8kfM_8u8ua

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