after spending nearly $200 to fix up my car it's still isn't fixed and then to top it all off today my fucking check engine light turned on Wtf

Me up at 2am hyper analyzing every interaction I had today to try and figure out who I pissed off and why.

I got nostalgic and wanted to hear Whipped Cream and Other Delights. To my delight, there is a remixed version! Not a fan of everything, but overall it's great! I think I still prefer the original version, but when I'm feeling funky, this version is great!


Currently taking my car to the car doctor. I stopped for coffee at the titty coffee bar because I was early, now the car doctor is late and I'm just bored sitting in my car...

Heeeeeeeeey, Kirby. Whatcha doin', Kirby?

I made the mistake of wearing a Gryffindor sweater to the Thinkgeek store today. 😅

LMFAO, you aren’t sorry for party rocking, you’re just sorry you got caught.

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