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Making progress on this ring space station block-in! Laying out the spaces before I start prototyping things to interact with.

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Exhibit 01: The Equipment of Apollo 15 is a virtual museum that lets you explore equipment and artifacts brought to the moon on - and ultimately left behind by - Apollo 15.

Free on @itchio!

The Activision layoffs are emblematic of larger problems in the games industry, & they're why I'm wary about things like Unity going public- if you put the monetary goals of a project in the hands of those who fundamentally *do not care* about the project, shit like this happens

Waiting for the re2 remake.. Retro Claire is my jam.

I ordered my second Pocket Operator today and I’m so excited to make jams

β”¬β”€β”¬γƒŽ( ΒΊ _ ΒΊγƒŽ)

(β•―Β°β–‘Β°οΌ‰β•―οΈ΅ ┻━┻

#mastoart #creativetoot

I forced my followers to read a 1000 tweets claiming to be written by bots which obviously weren't and these posts still show up in my timeline.

post a hot take on mastodon with a punch and then take a nap. I've never seen a more relatable tech product than this

How did we let the Web get to this point. All I wanted to do was read this blog post.
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