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Brody πŸš€ Brooks

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Hi! I'm Brody! I'm a game developer in the Los Angeles area working on a full-size follow-up to the first-person narrative comedy game, Words Must Die.

Nice to meet you!

Ugh, this looks cool in motion, honestly! It sloshes around as you move! But gah, this flickering needs to be fixed :<

I am such a shader newbie, so figuring out why my liquid shader is flickering a ton when nestled inside this glass object is going to take me some TIME to troubleshoot. 😬

Mr Friendly, my absurd cozy "talk to the monsters" Doom mod, is now in a playable alpha state. Check it out!

I don’t actually know why but I was overcome with the need to make this,


My top most influential games never seems to be locked-down, but these four are ones that left a pretty major impact on how I think about what games can do and how I view my own work.

Happy β€œNew Amaroq Update Day” everyone!

Anytime I read a story that features advanced / sentient robots, and in the backstory they've employed the Three Rules of Robotics, it's clear to me the writer never actually read I, Robot.

The whole book is about how many dumb loopholes they have lol

I wish there was the option for embedded previews of articles/videos to show up in timelines without having to click them. I understand the reasoning it was made that way by default, though.

Pausing is one of those things I thought "sure, this is probably easy to do" and no it fucking is never.

Stand up and clap when you pause your game and everything stops, fellas.

Spending the day getting a pause state into this game I've been working on for a year and a half, which I'm positive is going to be one huge pain in the ass. 😬

Thought I’d casually revisit VA-11 Hall-A and wouldn’t you know it, I’ve already spent 7 hours on it since this weekend.

That game is just ridiculously well-written.

It's 2018, why don't we have good looking, sharp, real-time, dynamic shadows yet?

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