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Brody πŸš€ Brooks

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Hi! I'm Brody! I'm a game developer in the Los Angeles area working on a full-size follow-up to the first-person narrative comedy game, Words Must Die.

Nice to meet you!

Starting to run out of tasks for this Apollo 15 equipment museum I'm making on-and-off before I'm comfortable releasing it!

Will be free to download.

Forgot to post!

Finished the texturing for the Apollo GCTA television camera! Substance Painter is a lot of fun to work with!

Refined the model and UV unwrapped it. Now I guess I need to texture this thing 😬

Been a pretty mild work day, so it must be all the Discourse that has left me so utterly exhausted.

Think I'm getting close to done with this Ground-Control Television Assembly model. Then gotta decide if I wanna resub to Substance Painter and make it look _good_.

(This was the camera attached to the Apollo lunar rovers and remote operated by mission control)

Yoooo some of the folks behind the original DESCENT made a spiritual successor and it looks SUPER GOOD???

My game about exploring a procedural galaxy and leaving places behind is finally out on Windows/Mac/Linux.

Complete with good good desktop-sized text, new visuals, and an all-new soundtrack from @ghoulnoise

Arrest Development S5 feels like cheep fan films that landed the original actors and makes lots of winks to previous gags, but doesn’t land any of its own. This is so sad :(

Aannnd another simple kind or robot. Supposed to be a little spy bot but I painted it a vibrant pinkish purple... Initial sketch included with this post! #art #sketch #conceptart #doodle #mech #mechsketch #robot #future #scifi #creativetoot #mastoart #process

What if you met God, and God ate you? SUBSERIAL NETWORK releases on Humble’s monthly subscription service June 1.

Found this light novel at a bookstore in Little Tokyo and was almost curious enough to buy it.