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Making progress on this ring space station block-in! Laying out the spaces before I start prototyping things to interact with.

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Exhibit 01: The Equipment of Apollo 15 is a virtual museum that lets you explore equipment and artifacts brought to the moon on - and ultimately left behind by - Apollo 15.

Free on @itchio!

Finally finished watching The First.

It is really good!!

Princess Toadstool:

1. Monarch of Mushroom Kingdom, but not a mushroom person.

2. Apparent monarch, but princess rather than queen?

3. Frequently abducted, effectively out of power at those intervals.

4. Toad and other mushroom people generally primary sources of information on abduction and rescue efforts.

5. Toadstool. Toad-stool? No, Toad's tool.

The princess is a paper monarch, Toad is the de facto ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, has her "kidnapped" to get state business accomplished.

β—Ώ Warrior and Observer β—Ί
β—₯ β—€

Developers report mass layoffs at Telltale Games Various social media posts indicate major exodus, possible studio closure

Made an art test level today for a platformer prototype that ~happened~ to have a throwable object and a basketball hoop and then the artists gathered around a machine and just played 1-on-1 hoops with that build for two hours.

So maybe that’s what our game should be???

LB: Oh nooooo please be okay, Uematsu-san!!!

Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu forced to stop work due to ill health
His return to work will be contingent on an improvement in unnamed illness

Between telling me how much time I actually spend on social media, grouping notifications, and everything running faster on my 6S, iOS 12 has been incredible.

Really love what I'm seeing of DRYP, a phone app that helps you care for your plants.

It's up on kickstarter, at the moment

Throwing things inside of a ring space station sounds like a weird time.

When you say β€œEnd Call” to end your phone call, does the other person hear it? I’m leaning yes. And it’s so hard not to have that come off as dismissive to someone lol

The First imagines a world where everything is voice controlled and it’s the worst part of the show so far.

Reminder that the VA-11 HALL-A soundtrack rules so much and makes great work music

Haha oops, only noticed the title typo a moment ago :<

lol the man that bought SpaceX’s BFR flight to the moon has the twitter handle β€œyousuck2020”

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