Rick Guidice was an illustrator for Atari and NASA and made some wonderful utopian art πŸ’–

(I say "was" but he's still alive and also being featured in the upcoming documentary series Artist Depiction )

@Irick hahaha I did mispell Gerard O'Neill's name on the alt-text, didn't I πŸ’€

I mean, single l is how my middle name is spelled so I consider it valid. :D

Typical. Pursue spaceX utopia wet dreams while earth literally rots. #eattherich

@Tlacaelel There is a lot to be critical and cautious about when it comes to SpaceX and other capitalist ventures being the ones pushing for progress, as their aims tend to only apply to the rich.

I feel like depictions that came out of the 70s like this are more positive, though, when progress was publicly funded, not privately. The implication here being progress in space also means progress on Earth.

@brody I'd love to find a poster of just the artwork from the BASIC Programming box but no luck yet. One of my favorites.

@daveross Yeah! I’ve only seen that one in context, too, which is a shame!

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