I'm still a really big fan of Oskar Pernefeldt's International Flag of Planet Earth flagofplanetearth.com 😍

Last night, the Chinese National Space Agency landed their Chang'e-4 probe on the far side of the moon, the first time any agency has done so.


Finally taking Step 1 of eliminating my Facebook account at long last.

Added some working cabinets! But uh, they're a little too high to reach, I think πŸ˜…β€‹

Couldn’t get the white NASA low-tops I searched everywhere for, but compromising still feels like a win πŸ‘

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God I love Kentucky Route Zero.

This is a real number that leads to an automated message system telling you the status of KR0 production.

It's so on brand.

The original King's Quest is a weird game. It mixes the graphical, mouse-input wandering of LucasArts games, but you interact with everything via a text parser.

My Pebble has kept me good company for the last 5+ years, but it was finally time to upgrade.

At the retro arcade, appreciating the classics.

I am going out with friends to a great Mexican place with open patio bar next week and I JUST discovered their website is themed like a 1997 GeoCities conspiracy web site


Matchbox is releasing toys of NASA's SEV concept lunar rover and Sierra Nevada Corp's Dream Chaser waaaaannnntttt


I have discovered the xNode library for making Unreal Blueprint-like tools in Unity and now my mind is racing about tools I can make for projects aaaahhhhhhh


Will always appreciate Shenue's cat interaction menu.

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