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Human fall flat with multiplayer is the wackiest shit I've played in a long time.

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For those not interested in Patreon or Paypal, we now accept Liberapay to support us: <3

Store: "what's your phone number?"
Me: "I don't wish to disclose my number"
Store: "We don't give it out or call you"
Me: "Then you don't need it"

Show up at dentist 30 minutes early: "we will call you in about 30 minutes."

Show up at dentist on time: "we will call you in about 30 minutes"


As many of you know for the past year I've been an active activist working with the Pioneer Valley Workers Center to combat ICE actions and worker abuse in Western Massachusetts. This is the organization I got arrested with blocking the ICE office expansion!

It's our end-of-year fundraising campaign to raise our general operating funds. If you've ever wanted to support me then please support the PVWC! Donate at the link below!

Am I crazy or wasn't there an episode of Teen Girl Squad where someone gets "Nintendo 64'd!"? I went through the first 10 episodes and didn't see it.

@chris That diagram I see every so often that compares the scale of popular ships from various scifi shows/movies

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In the other RPG world I'm thinking of running:
The government at all levels is a series of computers, which are in charge of every level of gov't. They are a self sufficient black box: no human involvement is necessary to their existence or operation.

They write the laws, they pass judgement, through robot proxies they can perform all services like trash pickup or medical assistance, and they can't be bribed

But lately there have been some irregularities. Someone has changed the code...

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I got approached by some work friends who asked me to GM a biweekly pen and paper game for them. Now I need to decide what the setting is going to be...

On the one hand, I could rerun my Mass Effect campaign with this new group. I've had good feedback from that one in my last group.

On the other hand, I got a brief moment of inspiration yesterday about a cyber dystopian world that might be fun. A world where all of government is just one big computer algorithm.

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November sure ended with a bang. Someone pulled hard drives from the biggest client at our company. Oh and it's my client.

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