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should I finally write one of those posts?

I'm chris, I run the scifi.fyi instance and help out with moderation on mastodon.social. In my non-internet life I'm an art student that makes videos, 3D models, virtual reality stuff, and weird programs.

I want to give a particular shout out to @paeneultima someone I always look up to and respect, to @chris for putting in the energy, effort and money to make our corner of the internet. To @FGsquared to providing such good entertainment, to @pixelfed for giving me an out from instagram and to Gargron@mastodon.social for making all this possible

uhh the discord app on ios just let me login without entering my totp code

thats not good

"wouldn't it be great if you could eat a gif of jif"

Sci-fi prompt: Cyborg wrestlers getting their ultimate challenge in a Faraday cage match.

the next version of monodevelop is going to be like

minimum system requirements:
* 16 GB RAM
* Intel Core i5-8400
* Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

updated my blue pinafore theme to look a bit nicer
if you're using starship.scifi.fyi its live now under the name cobalt


todays the one year anniversary of scifi.fyi!!


hi all! I updated starship.scifi.fyi to the latest version of pinafore and added two new themes - a blue scififyi theme and a really nice dark theme created by @SpankyWorks!

all of the code is on scifi's pinafore fork on github github.com/scififyi/pinafore

honestly I kind of want to make pinafore the default mastodon frontend once it becomes a little more full featured

It would probably help with onboarding new users since I feel like the normal multicolumn frontend can seem overwhelming at first

gosh pinafore is so so good
In the near future I think I'm going to get it running on scifi.fyi