is there anyone running mastodon through kubernetes?

it seems like it could be really sweet

so I just set an irc server for to try out!

its at - port 6666 for no ssl, port 9999 for ssl

it even has a motd with cool ascii art!

come check it out!

did I miss something, why are we getting an influx of signups all of a sudden?

anyway, welcome all!

after a few hours of rendering I finally have a nice little animation

I’ve been really enjoying these peaceful rainy evenings the past couple of days

Just randomly stumbled into this excellent video that examines Noah Baumbach’s approach to presenting realistic dialog in his films.

The clean back-and-forth dialog in most movies/all video games has always sorta bugged me, but never had words for it.

:wide_s:​​ :sm64_c:​ :hacker_i:​ :sm64_f:​ :sm64_i:

:sm64_d:​ :wide_o:​ :hacker_t:

:wide_f:​ :sm64_y:​ :hacker_i:​

:sm64_n:​ :sm64_e:​ :sm64_w:​
:sm64_e:​ :sm64_m:​ :sm64_o:​ :sm64_j:​ :sm64_o:​ :sm64_s:​

:yikes:​ :fatyoshi:​

but it’s also like why would I ever think it’s a good idea to try to use bifrost fluids and ncloth at the same time

trying to animate in maya on my 2012 laptop is an almost zen like test of patience

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