just a friendly reminder to the new folks out there that @pinafore is a really really good alternative interface for mastodon and scifi.fyi runs its own version over at starship.scifi.fyi

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good morning, mastodon. I'm into music, literature, languages, and politics. is there anyone you know that I should follow?

I'm also into tech, but I get enough of that stuff on the job.

@tootapp I’m getting com.apple.SafariServices.Authentication error 1 when trying to login to scifi.fyi on Toot. Not having trouble logging into other instances (mastodon.social, dev.glitch.social) so I have a feeling it could be an issue on my end with scifi.fyi. Any idea what I should look into?

It's now the part of summer where I wish it was Autumn, with the golden brown leaves, chill misty mornings, and just chill misty days and rain and cloud and cool evenings. As well as being able to wear warm clothes it's also close to Halloween one of my favourite holidays, and ignoring Halloween Autumn is just perfect, it's not hot but it's not freezing, it's aesthetically pleasing and just a pleasant time of year

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I'm the latest new guy. Hello, all. Interests include gaming (computer/board/tabletop), electronic music, anime, reading (mostly SciFi/Fantasy), meditation, sightseeing, yoga, cybersecurity, Linux, etc. Looking forward to chatting with you.

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note to self: don't try to update masto right after @Gargron boosts one of your toots. the cpu doesn't like that at all

whoaaaah a lot of new folks here! welcome all!! your friendly admin will be much more active in a couple of weeks 🚀

I want to give a particular shout out to @paeneultima someone I always look up to and respect, to @chris for putting in the energy, effort and money to make our corner of the internet. To @FGsquared to providing such good entertainment, to @pixelfed for giving me an out from instagram and to Gargron@mastodon.social for making all this possible

uhh the discord app on ios just let me login without entering my totp code

thats not good

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