@columbidae oh yeah, I’m sorry - it’s not active right now. It was more of a quick experiment

@jadedofmara we tried to put one together last year but haven’t tried since. It might be worth trying again!

@BrokenBiscuit from what I’ve read so far it seems like it would make it pretty simple to create a mastodon instance that automatically scales across multiple servers

@Magess it seems like it would allow someone to set up a mastodon instance that could automatically scale across multiple serves when there’s increased load which would be super sweet

is there anyone running mastodon through kubernetes?

it seems like it could be really sweet

@paeneultima @BrokenBiscuit hmm I'll check that out. I'm updating everything now which might help

@kacealexander hi! the servers great! I’m good! things are good! do you have any questions about the server or anything?

so I just set an irc server for scifi.fyi to try out github.com/oragono/oragono!

its at irc.scifi.fyi - port 6666 for no ssl, port 9999 for ssl

it even has a motd with cool ascii art!

come check it out!

@zeroth I just now heard about the google+ breach - that’s wild!

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