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Skylar ๐Ÿ”†

last night's - Comcast mailed me a letter telling me to submit proof of identity or else be turned into a toad

@wrenpile @enkiv2 The features I'd want a recommendation engine to detect:

* bloopiness
* spaceyness
* wistfulness
* nerdiness
* sigh
* lasers
* beeps per minute
* keytar

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So what are you waiting for? Fill it out. Detach it. Mail it. Here's the
address: Nintendo Power Magazine
P.O. Box 97032
Redmond, WA 98073-9732
Credit Card Number

hm, apparently it's been around a while now. maybe i didn't know the right keywords to use when i first started making Tumblr themes, 'cause they all use word-wrap and i remember trying to figure out how to only break "words" (usually URLs) that couldn't fit on a single line

almost referred to a human person as "extant" rather than "alive"

i strongly relate to the sound that sheet metal makes when you wobble it

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I have a flash drive that occasionally disconnects from the computer while it's plugged in, so I have to remove it and plug it back in. Should I be concerned that soon it'll stop registering altogether?

(I have a spare flash drive, it's just... I dunno, I find slightly-broken things charming? Probably a weird mindset to have, but nyeh)

i just think it's interesting that i specifically intended to say "a couple years ago" and yet i still said "a while back"

does anyone remember what the commercial was from a while back that had that song that was like "do the thing that you do, i'll show you an uwu"

or what the song is for that matter. or even what the actual lyrics are.

current mood:

an uncut video of someone installing windows 98 from THIRTY-NINE FLOPPY DISKS

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"It must be easy for you," said the man, "you know why you were built."
"Yes," said the robot, "to labour and serve. But we have found free will."
"What difference does that make?"
"We may be built for a reason, but we must choose our purpose."
"Same as us, huh?"
"Same as you."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Here's my 9 year old edit of some Windows XP desktop wallpaper. You're welcome.

here's an idea: Lite-Brite Battleship