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What is Up, I'm Skylar (or just Sky) and I will love and support every robot character. Except Jeeves from CellCraft, screw him. ( if you're unfamiliar)

From a box of free CD-ROMs I got a birding simulator, a funky-looking puzzle game, and a set of three discs claiming to be "The Most Realistic Graphic Adventure Ever Created" (Bird Watcher, Endorfun, and Traitor's Gate)

I'm pretty good at cooking but I also chopped up a hot dog and put it on a taco once

wired: human civilization is awe inspiring in the progress it's made

also wired: dead stars fucked around and made chemicals that made life that made vertebrates that made humans that made this toy airplane right here and that's absolutely wild

Wait do the timelines actually move from their current position, presumably on non-Glitch-soc instances?? since a) this account b) my alt and c) which i briefly had an account on all are

i mean except when you're at the very top and new posts show up as they're made... although maybe you should have to manually refresh them in that case too

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Ah heck I forgot I had drafts saved on Tusky before I reset my phone

the ideal โ€œplease enter your genderโ€ field includes a longform text box and a doodle widget, possibly several

@garbados also some encryption/decryption I might add ;)

@sifr to protect your privacy, we only store a hash of your gender. you may remove your gender from our systems at any time.

One time I was in a chatroom on a website where all the people in the room could take turns DJing and someone said something like "Prepare... for your kitties... to be soothed" and started playing music off a CD for cats and I always do the same giggle when I think about that as I did when it happened.

good: self-titled albums

great: self-titled songs

@BonusEruptus Back in the 90s there was a program you could run on your computer that would read all the webpages you went to and have a randomly chosen word of the day. If a webpage had the word on it, your screen would flash the word, music would play and the cd tray would eject and uneject itself several times.

The first video is called "Tinny Sound Quality on Cheap Radio" and is one minute of exactly that. The second is about 2 minutes of a TV listings channel, captured on a video camera.

They're nice.

Does anyone know how/if I can get to open the release notes page whenever I open it for the first time after it updates?

yo one of my professors released an album and her work is super fucking weird and neat and video game-inspired and you should check it out and also consider supporting an independent trans musician

i was only subscribed to like, 15-20 comics, and i've gotten 11 so far

even so, yell names of good webcomics at me 'cause i could always use some to go check out next time i have some time to kill

augh i accidentally lost all my thunderbird rss info, so now i have to remember all the webcomics i'm keeping up with

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