even knowing how bad it is, i still want to be a game designer.

i am very bad at being responsible for myself.

and these people get paid to give these lectures to ceos across the nation

this is such an amazing scam to be running

it turns out anticapitalist tendencies do not help in a capitalist environment

i'm failing this business class because i am so anticapitalist i am completely disinterested in any of the bullshit i have to hear

i need to work on not getting suckered by simple praise and sweet talk

curse my easily manipulated feeble human mind

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All these folks asking what is a pinafore and buddy what ain't a pina for?

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hey, there is going an #artvsartist on birdie site, and i wanna post mine here =D

#mastoart #creativetoots

there is the usual stuff one (i'm posting here) and one with orc/demon (and nsfw) stuff i'll post on the replies

if you want to support me via liberapay, patreon or ko-fi =D



i wanna draw kirby characters more... i haven't drawn gooey before, which is shameful of me

i forgot how much of a meditative effect playing kirby has on me

specifically the arena runs. god i love ultra's arenas

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I've been saying for ages that the MTG color pie is a interesting/useful system of personality classification. This is an essay about that!

(I'm White with a splash of Blue!)

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me @ myself don't be a fucking snoop

my account is pretty much an art account at this point and not once have i tagged anything i have done as art

me finding out there's a doodle feature right next to the toot button

...pentacl.es is an incredibly good domain name...

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today I learned that HSPICE ("the 'gold standard' for accurate circuit simulation," which I use every day) was developed by Ashawna Hailey, who was trans, and her twin brother Kim. they went on to deliver the first 8080 clone for AMD.


lazy doodle

feed the clown and he will be your friend

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