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Maybe it’s my years of being an educator but...

*bangs a ladle against a soup pot*


No one cares about your fucking brand, just make Your Thing comprehensible.

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Intro post? I guess I never did one.

Hi, I like a lot of things. In my youth I channeled all my feelings through a funnel of rage. Now that I’m near 40 I am just as excitable, but anger leaves me exhausted.

I love:
-video games
-non-edgelord teevee/movies
-vegan food
-scifi books (particularly Le Guin, MiΓ©ville, and Cherryh)
-music with synth

I have an anxiety disorder, and when I disappear off here it’s cos I’m trying to not make Regrettable Toots.

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*puts on β€œNO EDGELORDS” sandwich board and starts ringing a large wood-handle bell whenever someone tries to recommend a new television show to me*

PSA: If you run an instance, you should update ASAP

I've had this phrase in my head all day because that's what my brain does Show more

Ugh my new haircut (not new new, just still a couple months in) is so god damned cute I can’t hardly stand it.

I get now how people settle into a haircut for their entire lives.

I’m 38 in November.

I don’t feel old but I also Feel Old.

so August 21 is when Eid Al-Adha starts so Eid Mubarak to everyone who celebrates!

I really appreciate when ASMRtists timestamp their videos.

Not so much for the timestamps as content.

The other night I laid down and put one on and forgot that I had autoplay activated.

The next video had matches being struck which, I learned, terrifies me right out of sleep. (It's weird cos I love fire and candles, but that striking sound is apparently Not At All Soothing for me.)

They had it in their notes, and I'll be diligently avoiding any ASMR that includes matches in the future.

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Never fails that I post a thing about how I don't want to do a thing, and the (probably falsely founded) feeling of failing publicly snaps me into work.

I need to do these posts earlier in my procrastination cycle.

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Remind me how talking myself out of doing my homework on the first day of class is an extraordinarily bad idea.

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@nolan @slightlyoff @puresick Going back to the thing about budget Android... how much mobile development nowadays is done on an iPhone+Galaxy S$currentver, and then nobody bothers to test it out on the latest Alibaba special with 2014's worst hardware that's being sold as a $50 prepaid phone?

Really, I'm personally of the opinion that developers should be confined to potato-class hardware, so low-end stuff like this runs well, and high-end stuff gets much more battery life.

I hate doing this but I'm in a bit of a pickle again, financial aid is telling me they're gonna take another 4-6 weeks to go through my documentation again and rent is coming due in a couple weeks.

I'm starting looking for work, but best case scenario, I still won't be getting paid before rent comes up, so I'm asking for help.

If you can spare a few bucks, I'd appreciate it, or boosts are good too.

I need about $700 to not end up homeless again.


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tarot is rigged. they don't even let you bring your own deck to counter their attacks. how are you supposed to win

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