The Wheel of Time starts like:

A band of three village boys pulled in over their head, and have to run from a scary black rider until they reach the next largest town and escape on a ferry over the river.

I'm not saying this sounds familiar, but โ€ฆ

ยท 2 ยท 0 ยท 2

@rixx FWIW, only the first half or so of the first book parallels that closely.

@rixx Hmm. I've just read the last page of this book and logged in specifically to ask you whether you've read it or not ( it's very close to epic fantasy proper). And here you are, already far ahead (I see the next post frrom 2018 that you've finished the book). Indeed the author seems to have taken inspiration and some narration style from LoTR. Thank you for previous recommendations! I've got acquainted with all those series, and finished one (about dragons :).

@lightone Wheel of Time was blatant libertarian propaganda, and I didn't manage to carry on reading it when there is so much better Fantasy out there :D

@rixx Libertarian propaganda? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Wow, guess I didn't notice any strong political points in book 1. Admittedly, have just started book 2. Perhaps I'll drop it eventually, cause stretching a story into 14+ books is a crime :) I find it not as easy to discover good epic fantasy series, btw. Currently am searching for British / European analogs of wonderful Tor publishing house, to bring more diversity to reading.

@lightone Oh no, it's pretty present in book 1 already. I found the writing pretty stereotypical and bad, too, so I wasn't even tempted to go on. Not sure if you want more details, don't wanna ruin the series for you.

@lightone Oh god, I'm an idiot and I wrote that with weekend brain โ€“ I confused Sword of Truth with Wheel of Time (both fantasy I dislike, but for wildly different reasons).

Sorry for any confusion, this is pretty embarassing.

Wheel of Time I was meh about โ€“ clear characters and okay worldbuilding, imo, but bland characters and the paaaaace. So slow. So detailed. Sooo sloooowww.

@rixx Makes sense. It's really comparatively slow, and evil characters are rather boring in book 1.

If you come by epic fantasy books you like, please, let me know:)

@lightone Epic/high fantasy is not really my genre unless done really, really well. I did enjoy the Lord of the Rings when I was, like, 9 years old, and that has warped my expectations somewhat. I find that Brandon Sanderson generally comes up with very good books. Oh, and the Codex Alera series was a good read, too!

@rixx I know you're more into scifi, but... just in case ๐Ÿ™ƒ I'll also share if I come across anything worth recommending. Sanderson's good (especially first books of each series, for some reason). I read the 1st book of Codex Alera as you'd recommended :) Didn't read further: the plot is indeed fine, but characters (imho) seemed a bit shallow in a cinematic / Hollywood style sense.

@lightone Heh. Well, the characters in Alera do get development, but Jim Butcher has always been better at plot than at characters. I think The Broken Earth qualifies as fantasy, but you've probably read it? (Not high fantasy, though)

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