Finished Wheel of Time, and it wasn't bad? But it wasn't great, either. It dragged a lot, and while the characters weren't bad, I didn't like any of them particularly, especially the main cast tended towards being annoying af. I'll go for the second part next year, but I'm not sure I can do this for 14 books.

@rixx I thought you meant you'd finished the whole series, not the first book. I was impressed!

@rixx I *listened* to the series in the car. It took about 2 years.

@naga Haha, oh god, no, the first book alone took forever. I'm happy to read some Bujold right now!

@rixx If you do try to read the rest of the series, be aware there's a major drag around books 7-9 before it picks up steam again.

Whether or not that's worth it . . .

@naga I'm kinda interested to see the Sanderson take, I guess? But at the same time, there's just too much to read out there, and I'm not quite willing to sink absurd amounts of time into a generic (well, *the* generic, maybe) fantasy series.

@rixx Yeah. I consider it for completists.

There are pausing points are books 3 and 5, I believe, if you want to read a bit more without committing to all 14.

@rixx And the gender stereotypes displayed by nearly every character don't improve.

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