I finished Persepolis Rising, the latest part of The Expanse (just in time for the new book to come out next month) and let me tell you – wow! Whenever I think I have The Expanse figured out, they take off to wildly different stories/perspectives/… I'm *super* happy with the series, as well as the fact that it's still ongoing. In many ways, the current book was a gamble, and at least for me it paid off tremendously.

@rixx Oh man, I had forgotten it's coming out next month!

@rixx It does have a wonderful cliffhanger, doesn't it? :-)

@riggs Haha, it does! But in a loving way – we do get some closure, and the story has its own arc, so it's not one of those unforgivable "The bullet sped towards … THE END SUCKERS"

@rixx that is true. But I vividly remember myself finishing the book like "Noooo, now I need to wait for months until the next chapter???"
Really looking forward to the release ... Soon :-D

@riggs We can be super happy with the release schedule in general, as readers, though. I mean, this level of quality, in this timeframe, that's something you don't get everywhere.

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