I'm now starting A Fire Upon the Deep, which is … not what I expected.

Kinda jealous that you get to read it for the first time, really hope you enjoy it! Vinge does some of the best aliens ever. For me, it has held up to a re-read after ten years, so would end up on a bookshelf if i owned a paper version 😊

@mann_ey I have no idea what I expected, tbh. On the one hand, typically lauded scifi novels don't tend to work for me. The older they are, the worse the problem becomes, see e.g. Dune (or Malazan, on the Fantasy side of things). So I expected something Greg Egan-y without his charme, I guess?
On the other hand, highly recommended scifi books tend to be on the, erm, Star Trek side of imagination, so my other expectation involved a space opera with boring humanoid aliens.

It's a good surprise.

Vinge's other story set in the same 'verse has another really REALLY great alien race, fyi. But I know your tbr list is a mile long already...

I think I know what you mean about the older books. I had this phase where I went through a lot of titles in the Gollancz SF Masterworks, and omg was it hit or miss.

In the spirit of a thread on German Birdsite recently, I will now bravely share that I have long been looking forward to not reading Dune. πŸ™Š

@mann_ey Haha re: Dune!

Thanks for the rec – I'm fairly good about reading sequels, I have a ~20 book rota going on for that, so I'm pretty sure I'll get to Deepness in the Sky later this year at least!

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