@naga Huh, wouldn't have guessed. Peter Watts is the one I meant.

I just finished Blindsight and Holy Moly, what a book!

In 2019, I'll pull back my aims to a total of 50 read books/stories. I'm feeling very tired about everything right now, so this seems a good choice.

I started the year off with two very good, very touching, very lovely books, though: I've read another part of the Murderbot Diaries (which continue to be nice), and then I was completely pulled away by Down Among the Sticks and Bones (part 2 of the Wayward Children series). A good way to start the year!

I have officially given up on Malazan, and this means that I read one book and one short story in December. Sad.

I still turned it into a blog post for consistency's sake, and because the one book I did read (Red Sister) is beautiful: rixx.de/blog/books-2018-12/

@naga I liked it well enough, it just didn't live up to the hype for me. Malazan reaches new depths though. I'll have read one book in all of December due to it, which is kinda ridiculous.

@naga Ah, Hyperion is another example which I liked, but didn't find nearly as great as people generally seem to do.

@naga Thanks, this makes me feel way less weird! πŸ“š πŸ’“

Man, I think I'm going to drop Malazan. I don't know what it is with me and acclaimed books, but this isn't the first time I'm totally bored/annoyed by something many many people like. Dune. Strange & Norrell. C.S. Lewis.

I'll be working a lot of time at home next year, so I'll need to figure out how to fit reading in there – I usually read in my lunch break and on my way to/from work, and on days I stay at home I read little or nothing. Not boding well!

@naga It's that, and that it feels terribly academic if I don't make a lot of effort to feel for the characters, because the author uses pretty distancing/neutral language? Idk, I'm 2/3 in and I think I'm only just starting to cheer a bit for some of them.

I'm stuck in the first Malazan book, btw. I think I'm just too tired and swamped with work to read anything anymore this year.

Oh, Goodreads seems to think that the year is over already, and it's compiled my Year In Books, which is nice: goodreads.com/user/year_in_boo

(I'll probably read two more books and a couple of short stories this year, but I won't have time for more, so I won't reach the 200 items. Next year will be unfunny amounts of stress, so I don't think I'll manage even half that.)

Departing from my usual fare of fiction, I now The Mind Illuminated, a guide to Buddhist meditation by a neuroscientist. "What we make of our life - the total sum of our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions that fill the brief interval between birth and death - is our one creative masterpiece." says the introduction.

Probably Still the Chose One is a lovely fantasy short story. Given the choice of reading the Narnia books or this story, I'd go with the story, which goes on about many of the same things (but then again, I never liked Lewis and his Christianity-inserts).


@gingervitis Hyperion was good, but not great. The universe is well-described, there's a lot more showing than telling. We see the world through five only tentatively connected stories embedded in a larger arc, which is a nice decision, but hampered the pacing a bit. It's a book that became better in my mind a few weeks after reading it.

@gingervitis I'm still figuring out why some books just won't work for me. Dune Messiah was top among those, but Snow Crash was also kind of … meh for me? Idk!

I have a to-read list on goodreads, and while the higher-number books get shuffled along by ~10% of their number whenever I get a recommendation, the lowest 20 are in constant rotation. I'll read #1, and if it's got a follow up, that next book will get place #20 on my list. It's specifically designed to avoid genre burnout!

@gingervitis Wow, thanks, that's good to hear! I've kept WoT in my rotation, so I'll get to the second book some time next year. On series as hyped as this I don't give up after the first book (although I dropped Dune after book 2, Dune and I just don't work well together).

Anything else you'd like to recommend?

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