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Mmmm I do like me a scientifically applicable personality test

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These "Voorwerps" are also otherwise called Quasar Ionization Echos. They're essentially giant cosmic neon signs that exist for just a cosmic instant before fading back to black. They're lit by the same process, but instead of an electric current doing the exciting of the oxygen and other gas, it's the blinding light house that is a black hole the size of the solar system ripping stars apart, illuminating clouds of gas that otherwise would have been transparent.

N E A T.

there are no green stars, but oddly there are greenish "galaxies", the first of which is called Hanny's Voorwerp. (voorwerp being Dutch for Object) The object is theorized to basically be an illuminated, and ionized tail of gas and dust, excited by the intense activity of an quasar, a supermassive black hole in the process of feeding, jetting out tons of high energy radiation and particles in a shockwave. The rare green coloration is a result of ionized oxygen emission spectra.

Cool composite of what the Andromeda galaxy would look like in the sky if it were brighter. #astronomy

This is a true color image of a sunset on Mars. The sunsets are blue on the Red planet, and the sunsets are red here on the blue planet... 🌆

:ms_question_mark_gray:​ They are blue because Mars has 1% of Earth's atmosphere, so normally it doesn't have to pass through much atmosphere at all, and tends to be a redish hue due to the Martian dust, but at dawn and dusk, the sunlight travels through enough air to cause it to appear blue just like daytime skies on Earth.

If Earth had rings that would be fucking awesome, but it would also make spaceflight nearly impossible. You win some you lose some.

@starwall if toroidal stations are the doughnuts, these are the doughnut holes

the laws of physics could just change at any moment.

they did it before in the first instants of the big bang. the laws changed, new fields and forces came into being.

could happen now. or two minutes from now.

teeth are the strongest bones (though they are not technically bones)

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