@starwall that seems like a somewhat more realistic way to build a terraformed environment in space.

@lyliawisteria Oh for sure! The physics behind building one is similar to that of a regular suspention bridge

@starwall it just seems like a more stable design than a Dyson sphere or a ringworld, where a bump with another large enough object could eventually send it all crashing into itself.

@lyliawisteria Yep! One could imagine a swarm of these city-sizes habitats orbiting the sun, or parked in Lagrange points around Earth, powered by orbital solar panels as a form of dyson swarm. I can imagine the first of these habitats being built in the next hundred years... Or maybe I'm just a naive techbro.

@starwall I don't want to give anything away, but it does have those cylinders with habitats in them. The first one is really good (by Arthur C Clark). The next three he had a co-author. I didn't really like them as a kid actually, but I'm wondering if my views would be different if I read them today.

@starwall We should be building these instead of dicking around with "colonizing Mars".

@starwall A regular feature in any Gundam series (except I guess G)

@starwall yah theyre cool as shit though i think space megastructure design trends if such a thing can be said to exist has moved away from them primarily for the stability reasons

@starwall if toroidal stations are the doughnuts, these are the doughnut holes

@starwall to be honest, looking outside it might be way too dark to really see, and insofar you do see, it rotates bit too fast.

And it is a giant window you have to engineer... Think just a closed cylinder with a concentrator feeding light at the end might be better..

Totally second people saying this is better than Mars. It's way better...

Imagine living in "zeppelins" basically, wires hang ~100m overhead, and "houses" hang on them and can move around. But that's for really low pop density.

@starwall imho more realistic solarpunk is more needed/useful than scifi. (just saying)

@jasper I think that we're very far off from building the first true orbital habitats, though it doesn't hurt to dream, friend.

@starwall Remember when I was a kid playing Axelay on my SNES. Level 2 had a slowly scrolling overhead view of a city in the background in a side view level. "That's weird." Then I later saw the colonies in Gundam. "Oooooooooh!"

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