oh, and also it starts qsynth with a nice value of -15 so that it doesn't stutter if other stuff on my machine is running!

timo needs his low latency audio! because i'm just so good at musicing that i'd be able to tell the difference between 1ms and 2ms! lol.

thanks to a simple udev rule, a systemd unit file, and a short perl6 script, plugging in (actually, turning on, which is a separate button) my midi keyboard now:

- starts QSynth
- runs a short perl6 script that connects the keyboard to the synthesizer
- lets me immediately make noise

next step is to find out how to automatically kill qsynth when i turn the keyboard back off

build a custom firmware that starts up faster; 6.5s for a silly button LED animation feels like an eternity!

STG one day i'm buying an ultra-widescreen (21:9 or what the aspect ratio is) and put it up in portrait orientation just so i can read those annoying tumblr screenshot tweets better

there must be a better way than to click the tweet, then the image, then right-click "open in new tab" and sometimes also "replace :large with :orig in the URL" afterwards just to be able to read some text on some screenshot?

not to mention non-sighted users not being able to appreciate the posts at all bc no links

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University student? Want to spend your summer hacking on Krita? Or do you know someone who does?


whew, lifetime management of potentially C-owned data from the perspective of a high-level language.

there really isn't an easy one-size-fits-all answer here, right? we may get a CStruct back from a C function (returned or via an "is rw" argument), and we may have to free() it or we may not be allowed to free it.

nativecast()-ing one CStruct to another type can't just transfer ownership of the pointer (if it was there to begin with) because which of the two will live longer

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I just posted about my latest progress on MoarVM's / rakudo's profiler analysis front-end. It touches on Scalar Replacement and Partial Escape Analysis that recently landed in moarvm's master branch.

Give it a read and tell me what you think! wakelift.de/2019/02/21/always-

Ever wished text on your screen was easier to programmatically grab with a camera?

Here's the solution to all of your problems*!


* not a guarantee

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