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Remember: If you treat everyone as ace, you're basically just being a decent human being. As far as you're concerned, they have no interest in anyone. Do you see evidence to the contrary? Unless it is specifically directed toward you, don't believe it.

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I think I've mentioned , February Album Writing Month. 14 songs in 28 days.

Some folks are lyricists and just write . Some folks are instrumentalists and just do . There is lots of fun.

They tend to be a friendly bunch and welcome to all skill levels.

(Also, nobody has time. Even professional musicians frequently have no time to write their own songs.)

If you're curious and have questions let me know.

what are the two best things about america? the military and the gig economy of course. i present to you: fightr. use your phone to remotely schedule small to medium scale wars on neighbouring towns and cities

I just spent some time relieving my 10 year old's worries about my feelings about furries.

The way she was worried about it made it seem like it's going to be a major event for her. She got lots of relieved hugs after we talked.

Another few years and I'll let her know about the Fediverse.

I make mistakes. I try to be helpful. I enjoy celebrating the joy of strangers. It is easy to forget the things I don't need to deal with. It is easy to forget my privilege.

I forgot that we live in a world where tech bros with bad attitudes regularly try to make people feel small.

My intent was meaningless. And rightly so. My phrasing didn't take the reality of the context in to account. I came off harsh, and was treated thus.

It's disappointing. I can do better. I will do better.

It’s another reminder that we need to be mindful of our circle of trust, and that randos might not even exist as real people.

I sang a colostomy bag song earlier today, but I don’t know if I’m going to post it. It was pretty crappy.

listening to the knife and zesting a dried elk heart for "experimental" purposes is praxis. or something. I'm not sure i can always distinguish between queer black magic and marxism anymore and i'll kill anyone who attempts to clear up the ambiguity

Okay, folks. I've got an awesome, plural, enby friend named Saoirse, living in Portland, OR. They're in a bit of a bind, though. Their ED treatment center bounced them (for what I understand to be subpar reasons), and they're homeless until their transitional housing program has a bed open up. The bottom of the couch barrel has been scraped, and it dries up this weekend. The cash barrel is also being scraped clean.

In short, money or couches in Portland would be massively appreciated. Money can go to$saoirseseesall or (forgive the facehell fundraiser for not having been updated since they were inpatient, I'll encourage the mutual friend maintaining it to update it). Couch offers can just be DM'd at me, or at Saoirse through hellbook.

Anything is appreciated, even (especially) just boosts.

Welp. I have been hit with one too many unexpected expenses and I'm officially Broke for the rest of the month. If you've got a couple bucks you can toss toward groceries, I'd really appreciate it.

"Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot" is such a fuckin' sick title for a movie and it sucks so bad that the actual movie is shit

Them: “But people will abuse technology to make designer babies with blue eyes and brown hair!”

Me: “Well, they can enjoy their basic-ass baby, my baby’s gonna have wings, laser-fangs, three will weep”

If you don't know how to meow, a squeak is okay.

If they don't hear you squeak, violence is also fine.

St. Valentine is a myth. Invented by the catholics to cover up the history of the Valentine Coven that ruled with an iron fist in northern Ireland for nearly a century. All record of them has been expunged from the history books by men fearful of their return.

They were notorious for using Love Magic to rule over the men in the area; who would tear each other and outsiders apart at the slightest whims of the circle at the center of the power. Valentine herself founded the coven some time in the early fourth century AD/

Roman rule had crumbled over the British isles and in the far north had never existed. The tribes were unprepared for this magic.

A young man came to the God of Exchanges, carrying broken dreams and a broken heart.
"What do you want for these?" asked the god.
"Nothing," said the young man.
"Very well," said the god.
The young man left, with no memory of having dreams or heart, broken or unbroken.
#Cassoland #MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

it's important to replace "I'm more radical than you, loser" with "how can I help you, comrade?". you know what to do. spoiler alert, it's pleasurable and productive.

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so yr saying instead of killing rich bosses, what we should do is supernaturally haunt and terrorize them till they are cowed and shaking and begging for one more chance to live and become a better human.


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