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I think I've mentioned , February Album Writing Month. 14 songs in 28 days.

Some folks are lyricists and just write . Some folks are instrumentalists and just do . There is lots of fun.

They tend to be a friendly bunch and welcome to all skill levels.

(Also, nobody has time. Even professional musicians frequently have no time to write their own songs.)

If you're curious and have questions let me know.

Okay, so @katrani pinged me to go on a lengthy rant about the excessive prominence of Irene Adler in Holmesian adaptations, so I'm going to do that.

This will be an unlisted thread, starting from here, so expand this to read them all. No promises for speed or well-organized thoughts, and I will CW any toots which wind up being super shouty. *cough*

Kill the concept of "RT does not equal endorsement."

Don't share content if you don't endorse it.

Don't spread it. Let it die.

Do not give it a platform.

Remember: the red pill in "The Matrix" was based on estrogen pills. Any man who claims he's redpilled is symbolically becoming a trans woman. Facts not feelings, MRAs; if you don't like the facts, find a different metaphor.

I want to see all your gorgeous faces, pls post more selfies

To be explicit, I support all the body hair a person wants to grow. Your body. Your choice.

The British library has some lovely public domain illustrations of women's facial hair if you hunt around their Flickr account. (Along with hair styled like horns!)

Don't buy me a razor. Don't buy my son a razor. Don't buy my daughter a razor. We all want to grow beards.

(My daughter is sad that chances are high she'll have to settle for a yarn beard. Still, we can hope!)

Now you know I do not shave my face.
I don’t shave my arms or my legs.
In fact that razor would be a big disgrace.
So it touches me nowhere.

Now when I dream of that lovely, ghostly beard
it sings to me happy beardy songs!
It praises me for my hairy body.
It sings to me until my dream is done.

That ghost beard crawled on me.
Scritchity, scratchity at my feet.
Demanding I wake up and
see it with my waking eyes.

I did not know what it desired!
I did not know how it could fly!
And yet it hung there in the sky.
Making me look at it.
Look at it until I cried.

What do I do when I’m visited by a ghost?
What do I do when I’m visited by a beard?
What do I do when I’m visited by a ghost beard?
What do I do? Who can I call?

My response to every razor commercial, in song:

The last time I was clean shaven
I had this crazy dream.
I dreamed that a ghost beard
came to me.

That beard was fuzzy.
That beard was cute.
And it crawled, creeping all on me.

What do you do when you’re visited by a beard?
What do you do when you’re visited by a ghost?
And what, oh what could I do that day
when I was visited by a ghost beard.

I didn't know that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were forced to share a bed for six months. Quite a charming story.

(Ignoring, of course, that this is also how Capitalism forces poor folks to enter in to relationships they know will be bad from the start, simply to survive. In this particular case, it is a charming story. The social mechanics that made it happen are most definitely not.)

I think religion can be a lot like furry cosplay. You've got atheists refusing to wear anything. Lots of people evolving their fursonas over time. And a few conservative groups that pretend it isn't a costume at all.

I am proud to announce you I released a new piece of music, Villanesque n°1, featuring samples from French mathematician and politician Cedric Villani!

Feel free to give me your impressions and to share it around!

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@njoseph If I actually do value my users' privacy, what are some concrete steps I can take?
- don't block Tor
- make sure your website works without javascript or cross-domain requests
- make it as convenient as possible for users to get and use your product without ever connecting to your server (torrent downloads, offline apps)
- probably others?

My Arcology Prompt Call continued over the weekend!

“Treaty,” a prequel to two earlier Arcology stories, suggests ways to get people *into* arcologies in the first place.

#ReadMyStuff; it’s #SciFi #FreeFiction !

Anyway, part of my messing with this has given me a five-person ensemble that's well-defined with differing ways of viewing the world and implicit tension points between characters. More than that, it can explains and fixes some common problems with "The Heart" characters.

I've wanted to validate the theory with books on the market, but at this point I want to get a first edition of my theory out sooner than later.

What I didn't expect was for my half-assed theory to make so much sense.

So, there are two theories, one is the crazy five act theory, and one meta-theory that explains why any theory will work. But the five act thing overlays on top of "the heroic journey" more cleanly than the three act structure most folks use.

My meta-theory also works as well for twabbles as it does for a series as a whole. It's not one of those "it only works for novels" things that are so common.

One of the areas in which I'm a "mad artist" is my relationship with established story structure and design.

I once read "Dramatica: A Theory of Story," and I absolutely hated it. It's all over this duality/polarity stuff that I just couldn't stand.

More than that, it felt so overly complex that I was pretty sure I could pull something out of my ass that was just as functional and much simpler.

I went with a five act structure, just to defy polarity. You can't split that in two.

So the series I'm working on is currently called "Grandfather's Studio." I didn't manage to work on it Saturday night, but I doubled my time Sunday night.

It's currently a five book series. The names of each of the books came easily, with the first one being "The Mystery of Grandfather's Studio."

I kind of start high-level across the entire series, so I'm working on the act-level outlines.

I have a solid notion of the problem linking the series, so I'm sort of jumping around to set it up.

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